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How came the idea to build a house in Lombok – part 2

You have already read in my previous articles how I got to Lombok. You know that I had been volunteering there at first and then I worked as a coordinator for the Kintari Foundation.  

When I was there for the first time, I liked Lombok, but I did not think about building a house there at all. 

But when I came for the second time, I fell in love with this island completely.

At that time I was calling Lombok as „my second home“. And now it is the reality.

When I was working as a Kintari coordinator, I was co-operating with teachers coming from the Czech Republic. 

I was even traveling with some of them and exploring the beauty of this island. 

I spent so much time with two of them especially and we hung out almost every single day. 

Because we all loved Lombok, the idea to build a house together came. 

To find and buy a good land, build a house and use it every year for our holidays. We were ready to do it.

But unfortunately, both of them had to leave Lombok and started working in other countries.  

I was slowly realizing that this whole idea of building a house in Indonesia might have been just a crazy notion. 

But a few months before my journey back to the Czech Republic, I decided to go for it. No matter what. 

Suddenly, I knew that I could make it on my own. I could find and buy good land and build a house there in the future, when I returned. 

And then interesting things started happening.

I was visiting several plots of land for sale, I was asking about the prices and studying Indonesian laws. 

But I could not find a place where I would say to myself: „ This is it!“

I was almost losing my hope of finding the land before my departure and I wanted to postpone it for some time in the future.

But then it happened. Without any expectations and so quickly. 

And I can still recall that moment when I was so certain that „this is it“. 

I was vising my friend from Kintari who invited me for a coffee to his house. 

When I was driving on the tiny road through the jungle and getting closer to his house, I felt so incredibly good. 

I saw beautiful nature, coconut trees, wild plants and I heard monkeys playing in the jungle. This place was so alive.

I did not know that most of the land in the area belonged to my friend…

I was drinking my coffee in his house and told him that I loved that place.

He started laughing and said that all this land belonged to his family.

I was so surprised and I knew it was not just a coincidence. 

I asked him carefully if I could buy or rent the land from his family and build a house there.

The rest is just history.

It all happened so fast and later on I knew that I would be back in Lombok soon. 

And that time, I would build my own house there.

And not just alone. But with my boyfriend from the Czech Republic who decided to go for it with me and whom I also met in Lombok.:)

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