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Something About Me

My name is Dana. I am a therapist and travel all over the world. I learn new skills and experiences that I would hardly ever learn without leaving my comfort zone.

My desire to explore different cultures and people across the world is what drives me.

I have always known I wanted a lot from life and that I didn’t want to simply survive but to taste all the colors and live to the fullest. My hopes and dreams are not just some unattainable idea, I make them become reality. Even the craziest ones.

I wanted something else

One of my biggest dreams was to travel the world. But not only by spending a few days in a location with never enough time to fully experience and appreciate it.

I wanted to be far-away places, places so different from our European homeland, and let exotic mysteries flow through me.

I wanted to stay in one place long enough to fully grasp local culture and to become a part of it.

I wanted to be accepted by the locals and experience things most tourists don’t. To feel at home, not like a stranger who comes and leaves a short time later.

I wanted to go deeper and understand different ways of life.

Another dream became a part of all this. A house of my own overseas. On a small island, where wilderness and scorching sun meet. And live out my bamboo dream.

This website was created because of you, the readers, and your questions, of which I have received many over the past years, especially in 2020.
  • You were wondering how I accomplished all that.
  • To give you practical instructions.
  • How to live wherever I wanted, how to combine it with a job and not feel the financial strain of such an undertaking.
  • How to overcome your fears and go for it.
  • How to be in charge of your own life, based on what you want or need.

My own website is a great opportunity to effectively answer your questions and share my experiences and insight at the same time.

My goal is to give you a nudge through my posts and videos and to show you how to live freely and how to create your own rules to live by.

To show that there are no obstacles but those that exist solely in your mind, whose plotting can stand between you and accomplishing your goals.

I believe that no matter what your dreams are, you can make them come true.

Be it a trip around the world, studying an interesting field at university, becoming a model, starting your own business, working online or having Coldplay as your wedding band, being accepted by a group of chimpanzees or building a house on a tropical island on the other side of the world.

Most of our dreams don’t just happen by falling into our lap, but we must actively work towards them.

Sometimes more, sometimes less. Not sitting on your hands and whining about how your great ideas don’t just come into existence. Most of the time, we must work towards them at least a little bit.

Leaving your own personal bubble is key to fulfilling your dreams and overcoming your fears. You need to stop talking and make a step by step plan.

Even the slightest progress is better than no progress at all.

I am convinced that CANTDOISM doesn’t exist and f you really want something, you have the power to accomplish it.

I don’t just daydream and chat about my dreams, I walk towards them. I live a life that is worth talking about.

Through my experiences and knowledge, I want to jump start even those of you who don’t need that to achieve their dreams right this moment.

I am making one of my biggest dreams come true. A dream that started an avalanche of questions and interest.

  • It is building my own house on an island in Asia.
  • A bamboo house in a Lombok jungle, in proximity to Bali.
  • I can share know-how that only a few people in the world know about.

I am learning to work with bamboo, how to utilize it for building a house, how to create incredible things out of it and that is one of the main topics I want to share with you.

Without some prior experience, knowledge and challenges, this dream might not have been as quickly and relatively easily achieved.

And that is why I am going to start from the beginning and tell you how my life style began and how you can apply it to yourselves.

My other posts will be a follow up to this one.

Through my bamboo house, I want to explain more in depth how everyone can do things differently and who knows, it might be one of my posts that will help you realize your dreams.

Step by step, I will show you that nothing is impossible, and if you want to fulfill your dreams, you must open the door and not be afraid to seize the opportunity.

And so begins the story of a girl from South Bohemia, who decided to live a little differently and who left her safety net to go on a journey to follow her dreams.


I show people they can live differently and I am their guide towards an independent life, where you set your own rules.

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