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Autism and Underwear

Autism and Underwear

I loved my job in Bangkok.

It gave me a great strength and also a purpose.

I absolutely enjoyed being able to prepare and conduct my therapy sessions and to be in a daily contact with autistic kids.

But when I was heading to Bangkok and had no idea what is in store for me in this huge city full of skyscrapers, I had something else on my mind.

And that “something” was one of my other big dreams, which I had planned to make come true.

When I lived in Prague before, I did some photo modeling.

I was shot by professional photographs and even photographs of Czech celebrities, and this hobby soon became my another source of income.

I wanted to pursue this in Bangkok too. Why stop something you really like, right?

And this dream became a full on reality in Bangkok.

I became one of the models in a fashion model agency.

As soon as I did my first fashion show, the opportunities kept coming.

Contacts and jobs were pouring my way. I couldn’t believe it, because it was so smooth and so fast. I was living my girls dream, of being a real model.

I had my own fashion book, portfolio and was attending parties in luxurious Bangkok venues.

During the week I was a teacher/therapist for autistic children and during the weekends or day offs I was a model.

To be honest, this combination seemed to me little crazy and unbelievable. But I was enjoying it so much and it made me whole.

My therapy job gave me purpose and my modeling gigs the free spirit and ease.

Both jobs were completing each other and at the same time shocked the circles around me because it is quite unusual combination.

If you have some thoughts about trying to become a model in Bangkok, I could only recommend it.

It might be also good to mention that fashion industry in Thailand (and in Asia in general) is seeking for super thin models as Asian girls are also very thin so you must fit there well. This is just a modern trend in Asia now. Sometimes I even looked a bit big to them which made me laugh because nobody did ever tell me such a thing before because I am very thin my whole life.:)

Modeling industry is well rooted there and Bangkok is full of agencies eager to find new interesting faces. It is quite easy to get a modeling job there – shoots, fashion shows or TV commercials.

Always be careful while choosing the agency and check with other people from the industry or your friends if the agency you are choosing is legit and will accommodate what you need and look for.

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