E-book: Tropical Palace for the Price of a Garage in London

Live a life where mostly YOU are the one setting up rules

Imagine yourself… 

Packing up your stuff in the middle of winter time and flying to a warm country, where your own house and garden await you. It´s so amazing and free.

It is also great to wake up every morning and be in nature surrounded by exotic greenery and peace of mind, that today you have enough time for everything.

What will you read about?

  • How and why to build with bamboo

  • How to get a land in Indonesia

  • About life in exotics and big decisions

  • What are the future possibilities of such a structure as an investment

  • What needs to be done in order to build a bamboo house like this

  • How to finally pursue your lifelong dream and make it happen

  • Simple, practical, step-by-step manual

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Now for just €19

After the payment you will receive my e-book Tropical Palace for the Price of a Garage in London.


And who I am?

You wouldn’t have even recognized me few years ago. I was a girl, who was afraid of traveling alone just by Czech trains and wasn’t even thinking about going abroad. I just had my dreams about life on an exotic island.

I found my courage to travel across the globe and found a way how to build a house there.

Today, I’m living abroad for several years. I live on a small island of Lombok in Indonesia, and I wake up every day in my bamboo house surrounded by amazing green jungle. Each morning I get up to the sounds of monkeys swinging on palm trees around our house and I drink fresh coconut water from our garden.

Thanks to this e-book I can show you my lifestyle in detail and I can introduce to you all those possibilities how to build such a tropical palace yourselves. YOU can make it as well!

How to get my e-book

Once you make a payment, the e-book will arrive to your e-mail address you state during the ordering process.

To finish that process, you just need to fill in few simple things.

E-book will come and you’ll get it for good without any limitations. You can simply access it from your smart-phone, tablet or your PC.

Get your money back guaranty

Are you still not sure? If you’ll think that my e-book didn’t give you information you desired, I will give you your money back. Yes, that’s right, I trust my work. So, if you send me an email during 21 days since your purchase, I will return your money without any questions.

10 % from every purchase will be donated to non-profit organization KINTARI to help with their projects in Lombok, Indonesia where they provide education to local kids.
It is said that experience is priceless, and this book really fits into this description. Everyone, who’s thinking about building something exotic, this book will save you many stressful moments, complications and money. There is nothing better on the market than this e-book!
Martin P.
Martin P.
I´ve already bought this e-book and it is excellent! I've been looking forward to it for a long time. The information in it is very valuable to me, especially the information about buying and renting land. I've been thinking about something like this for a long time and the information from the e-book gave me a clearer framework. Definitely recommend!
Karolina K.
Karolina K.
I have never been to Indonesia, but after reading this book I wouldn´t be afraid to go and live my life over there. Even if I won’t go, it was amazing to learn so much interesting information about such a distant and completely different place. Personal experience of someone who really lives there and knows the place are priceless and you cannot get them anywhere else. This is exactly why I recommend reading this book. I’d also like to add that my interest about going and exploring Indonesia came up 100 %.
Jan M.
Jan M.
Helpful manual for those trying to escape our middle-European pace of life, where our values and definition of success is created by consume world, that dictates us what do we want and what do we need. This e-book and its author show us that we can abandon the safety of our small worlds and create something really special anywhere in the world. If you are seeking inspiration and motivation, this book is the right thing for you!
Zuzana K.
Zuzana K.

Dana Bartošová

Is a passionate traveler and therapist, who likes to tear down the myths and walls in places where others say it doesn’t work.

Author of the project Bamboo Dream – lifestyle by which I inspire many different people, who like to live their own lives by their own rules. Their joy is traveling intertwined with their life and work in exotic places and they are longing to have their life much happier and freer. They are creating their own rules.

Just one girl from south-Bohemia in the Czech Republic, that decided to live her life in kind of a different way and left her comfort zone to pursue her dream.

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