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Bangkok is just like Durian – you either love it or hate it

Bangkok is just like Durian – you either love it or hate it


As you know from my previous article, I lived in Bangkok for two years with my Czech boyfriend Honza.

Long enough time for either completely hating the place or falling in love with it.

Even though the beginning was rough and I couldn’t get into Bangkok vibe, after one year of living in the City of Angels my view begun to change.

I could function in a completely different way.

Everything which seemed annoying or unbearable before was now amazing and attractive.

What happened was that I left another of my comfort zones.

I learned how to live in a rush, chaos, and absolutely crazy heat of this city – I found the good side of it, the things that made me happy.

I used all challenges laid out in front of me and live out the maximum of my Bangkok’s life.

Instead of running away and trying it somewhere else with a clean sheet.

All those challenges and difficulties are mostly just in our heads.

It’s only our mind, that holds us back and dictates what is right and wrong. But when we liberate ourselves from these thoughts, we realize that what we experience is just amazing peace and tranquility.

Mostly with ourselves and our mind.

So what was so difficult about it?

Bangkok has its own pace. The city won’t slow down for you. You just need to pick up the pace and align with it.

The longer you live there, the more natural it seems to you. That is a logical thing for any place you live in.

Bangkok needs special patience and your humbleness.

Just your morning way to work needs your mental setting that you can do it without getting mad about all those traffic jams, smog, sounds and chaos everywhere around you.

Or when you expect to function Thai people in the same way as westerners at the authorities or shops, and you are faced with it on daily basis. That is just hard to keep your peace.

And I could list many, many other things.

Everyday cooperation with Thais was in most cases very difficult. Especially when you need to work as a team.

They just don’t want to cooperate all the time.

Behind their famous smiles, there are hidden anxieties, anger, gossip and hatred.

This wasn’t happening all the time but it occured to me from time to time. On the other hand I need to state that even this character trait was challenging for me in a way that helped me move forward.

Which brings me to another topic.

Working in Bangkok. Working with autistic kids.

Work that changed my life for good in the best way possible. And not just mine.

How to get a job like that in Thailand? Is it easy, or a hard work?

Can anyone get job in Thailand? Can you make a living?

Maybe these are your questions right now.

You will find out more in my next article.:)




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