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How came the idea to build a house in Lombok – part 1

Wow. This is such a big topic for me. The whole idea came quite easily but there is also one more thing from my childhood.

Since I was a little girl, I have dreamt about living on an island.

I think that the book Robinson Crusoe and the movie Blue Lagoon helped me a lot to get this idea.

Since my childhood, there has already been this idea of living on an island. Books and movies.

When I was studying at high school, instead of listening to my physics teacher, I was drawing a picture of my dream island and myself living there.

But at that time, I was only drawing.

This whole thing looked too unreal to me. I thought that I would always only draw but this dream would never come true. I swear to God, I really had no clue that in next 10 years I would be standing on this island.

I did not have a clue that I would be holding real plans of a building in my hands and I would be running around my land full of coconut trees thinking how to orient the house for the best jungle view.

The funniest thing about this is that I found my school drawings in a notebook by accident last year when I was tidying my room. It was only few days before my departure for Lombok and the beginning of the construction of the real house.

At that moment, I started crying as I realized that right then I was doing something what I had been dreaming about.  

And I knew that in few more days I would be coming to Lombok where I would build my own house! And not alone.

But two of us.

My boyfriend and I decided to do this thing together because we both love the life abroad in exotic countries.

It looks like this is the end of the story but there is one more puzzle piece which is important for the whole picture.

I will talk about this in my next story.:)

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