How to guide your life freely by your own needs and demands

I’ve always believed that we can live the way we want. And nothing can stop our dreams.

Do I want to live by the sea? I could do that. I want to live between the Czech Republic and abroad? Let´s do it.

I want to travel to exotic countries with kids? Possible. I wanna build a house on tropical island? Of course I can.

And I could go on like this forever.

Modern times, world globalization and internet allow us do things that were unthinkable for people living 50 or 100 years ago.

When I worked as a therapist with people who went through the Holocaust, most of the time I had goosebumps all over my body from all those stories they shared with me.

I saw the absolutely unimaginable difference between our lives and I couldn’t have stopped to wonder how much changed since then.

I realized the power of our freedom, and yet sometimes we try to restrict that freedom by ourselves.

This job was my first one right after my graduation, and my work life became very interesting thanks to this group I was working with. It was really intense and enriching.

I loved how our completely different lives met and I could have touched their personal stories about which most of the people only read in books.

When I look back now, I see amazing purpose in this job I had.

I remember how my Jewish clients always repeated that we are so lucky now thanks to our free lives we have. How beautiful it is to live freely on our own in pursue of dreams we have. Sometimes it even seemed unbelievable to them.

Now, I see the depth in those words and I believe that this job helped me to get forward in the quest for my personal dream freedom, that I always long for.

It is a freedom of life that I want to live. Freedom of a job I want to have. Freedom of a relationship with a person I want to be with. Just a complex freedom in all those senses. It sounds like a horrible cliché, I know. But I’m sure that you are longing the same if you don’t have it already. And you just stumbled upon my website.

Everyone needs something little different in a specific life phase, and the important information for us is that we can afford it.

That it is only up to us what and how we decide. Despite the society that we grew up in and that is up until a certain limiting degree to tell us that “we can´t do this or that”.

Which definitely effects us, because we are in that environment and it is not an easy task to get out of it with your head held high.

Even to realize that you want things differently is the first and huge step forward.

Then, you begin to realize that it is nothing wrong and you will follow those small steps. You will get out of the line of limiting society and you will go for and get what YOU really want.

You will guide your life on your own, you decide what you need in that particular moment and you will abandon those artificially made up borders in your mind.

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