7 steps which will help YOU on your way to achieve your dreams

The path leading to your dreams/goals is paved by our PILLARS, pillars that I have summed up for you below. When we are aware of all of these pillars, reaching for our dreams is easier and we can move forward.

1. pillar: You know your WHY

If we don’t have strong “Why”, even the slightest obstacles on our way to achieve goals and dreams will wear us down. Most common thoughts are “I am not good enough”, “I don’t deserve this”, “I really need to work for this” and so on. This topic is closely bound with SELFLOVE. If we truly love ourselves, we don’t need to ask questions about being good enough.

2. pillar: You have your own ENERGY SOURCE – you are sourced up

If you feel physically or mentally worn down and don’t have energy to continue it means the only thing. You need to re-charge your batteries. In that case take a rest, relax, do something that makes you feel energized. For example, if you know that such thing for you is hot bath with a glass of wine go for it. If you love walks in nature, have one. There are endless ways of how to get you energy source back up, so we will have enough energy on our way to goals and dreams. It is up to each and everyone of us to choose what is the right way.

3. pillar: You do individual and small steps in your way forward

Many people think that big dreams can be achieved only by making huge and noticeable steps along the way. The truth is the opposite. The most important ones are the small, tiny steps which snowball into those big ones.

Even “something small” is better than nothing.

Waiting for being able to make that big step, just means that we are loosing valuable time. But to start with small baby steps will move us forward right away. If I have some big goals I am determined to achieve, the great strategy is to make at least something to move closer in achieving it every single day.

4. pillar: You can let go something old for something new and better

Doing things in the way we are used to and comfortable is pretty easy for us. We don’t like to change things. If we are longing for something we never had before, we also need to do something we have never done before.

Say you want to be effective throughout the day, but it´s hard to do since you begin your day by scrolling down on facebook for hours which makes you tired and unable to do things. Maybe it´s time not to turn on social media in the morning but instead go work out or do something that will warm you up before your productive and successful day.

5. pillar: You share your enthusiasm with people with the same vibe

Surround yourself by people with similar thoughts, dreams and aspirations is something very important. If you want to start your own business, it´s only natural to share these ideas with people with similar plans and not with a lifelong employee who never thought about starting own business.

6. pillar: Write your own goals down

It is scientifically proved that goals that we write down on piece of paper, has 42% more possibility to be achieved than the ones we only carry in our head. What’s more if we talk about our dreams with a similar thinking person, this percentage goes up to 65%. When we meet with such person, the percentage goes up to 95%.

7. pillar: You can separate your intuition from fear

Intuition and fear are in a constant fight and for us it is very difficult to tell which one is which. There is a huge difference between you don’t do something because your intuition tells you it won´t be good for you or because it is just that feeling of fear that prevents you from taking another step. Close your eyes and ask yourself: “What would it look like if…?” You can fill anything in that gap. Just picture how would it look if you decided this or that way and your honest answer will quickly resurface.

Which of these pillars are YOU using?

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