How to overcome your fear and go for it

Fear is an unbelievable strong emotion.

Fear is often just a product of our mind, which gives us an opinion that we are simply not good enough.

It is important to realize one thing:


To hear those two phrases few years ago was something very crucial and it feels like something magical and lifechanging. Suddenly everything made more sense to me and I could get into the bottom of my feelings (amongst them was also my fear of course).

To be honest, whole my life I had been such a pitbull that always bites its tongue and goes for everything that wants.

But even us, pitbulls, we sometimes have fears and doubts. Sometimes those fears even stuck and don’t want to let go.

In moments like these it is important to realize that it is our mind what is speaking to us. Placing different problems and scenarios before us, even some that simply can´t be true.

And then we have feelings that this is not the right way because it simply can´t work.

What do we do? Well, we run away from it!

We don’t finish what we have started, or we even simply won´t bother to try and start. That fear coming from our mind is so huge that we simply can´t move forward and we botch down.

When we do realize that this all is construct of our mind, we are able to overcome these fear and continue in the way for our dreams.

We then fulfill everything that we want and we don’t let fear stop us.

We just go on.

Fear is a funny thing and we never know when will be the next time when it strikes.

What we know is that in reality we are able to control our fear (mind). Not that our fear (mind) will control us.

And that is a very important thing to know.

Try to notice your fears more often, receive them but also let them go. Don’t be controlled by your fears. You will see that lifechanging situations will follow shortly.


Few basic points in the beginning

As many of you might know, the first step is the most difficult one.

Even realizing of the fact that you want to change something in your life itself is a very huge step forward.

Suddenly the ways of how to do it start pouring in. There come clear visions of what you want to achieve. You clearly see the picture of your ideal life and even this picture or idea in your head gives you goosebumps.

Okay but now what? The picture is a nice thing but if we won´t take action, we will always stay stuck with our ideas and nothing else.

When people ask me (as a friend or as a therapist) what to do with their life and how to change it, I always reply like this:


“It is important to have a vision of things you want to do and then connect it with an action. Don’t wait for any miracle because nothing will just happen for you. You need to be the one to make the first step and the process itself will help you in going forward.

Well, action sounds pretty easy. But it is this action which is sometimes the most difficult one.


Make your first step toward a change.

Decide and go for it.

Push forward.

Don’t be afraid

Believe in yourself.

Don’t underestimate yourself.

Keep going and don’t change the course.

I could go on and on because these “buts” will always be a lot.

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