How to live where you want to

You might have heard (and it might have been even from me) that the source of the most life limits is our mind.

I mean the limits that we are creating (or were created by our parents) and which we can affect – in the sense of why something is not possible or why it should not be possible.

For example: You have a job. Job that you somehow like. You are making good money and everything is going well. You’re working 40 hours a week and you have those “perfect” 5 weeks off during the year. Then you got some food stamps and it´s only few minutes by a tram to get to work. Your flat is in the center of Prague. And you are somehow satisfied with your partner and maybe planning to have a baby. You could say that you live a nice life and everything works as you want it.

But wait! In your perfect image it looks little bit different: You have a job you love. It is your hobby, and when you work you are having fun and you are constantly creating something that won´t stop being great. You are your own boss and creator of your own life. If you want to go for a holiday, you just go and you don’t need to wait and count how many days you can afford to skip from work. It is only up to you when you work and also from where. You are where you wanna be – you miss sun in a cold winter? You go and find a nice warm beach. You miss snowy mountains? So you just go and find them. You share a life with your partner where you simply push and help each other to be a better team. You see that everything works and you have new plans for future.

I’ve just told you two different views, that you can perceive your life with. I am not saying that one is the right one and the other is wrong.

But evidently one gives you much more freedom and life energy, don’t you think?

And that’s exactly the life I have chosen when I went to work to Asia.

I threw away all those grounding limits and went for something I was sure that exists and works.

Even though I was mainly satisfied with all I had, I wanted to live more fully and freely.

I wanted to live and work abroad and have work experiences that I couldn’t get in the Czech Republic.

I believed that I can live in a foreign country and that I can always go back to the Czech Republic and that I can go there and back throughout the year.

I wanted to elevate my English to feel confident in working while using this language full time.

I wanted to move forward in my profession of a therapist that I love and I knew I could find job like this abroad.

I wanted to have my own house in a tropical country on the other side of the world, house that I could always go back to if I choose to just visit or spend some time of the year, so that I started to build a bamboo house on Indonesian island.

I have always enjoyed working and to have a job in my own field is a blessing.

If I am in the Czech Republic or abroad, I always work and I make a living. Surprisingly I have always found a better paid jobs in Asia than in the Czech Republic because people from the west are always being awarded over there.

I have always searched for a job by myself and have been always able to find it in just few weeks. Even in my own profession.

I always believed that I can do it. And my biggest ally was just an internet search engine.

I don’t go to exotic countries just to lay down on a beach (even though I most certainly like and do that too in between my work). But I work and do what I really want.

I’m not placing useless limits in my mind, because deep down I believe that what you really want, you can really do. No matter what it is. It might sound crazy but that is the simple truth.

I am convinced that this is how it works for all of us. For you, and you and also you.

You can live and work anywhere and anyhow. You can even be always in between two different worlds. There are really no limits.

It is only up to us what we are willing to do for it.

What we are willing to learn and what our habits are.

Because it is those habits/rituals/steps that can really move us forward. Just as the people we are surrounded by, they are helping us in achieving our dreams. And what´s more – we also help them.

It is a very complex process.

And it is just up to us how do we face it and perceive it.

Maybe it is you who is thinking about changing your life and there are thoughts in your head about your dream job and destination.

There is really just one thing to say to you – it can be done. It is important to start making those simple small everyday steps and move forward.

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