How to form your dreams into a reality

Do you want to change your life but you don’t know how to do it?

Are you longing for an adventure, exciting life, traveling, work in a foreign countries and you just want to live differently than you do now?

Are you seeking for a courage, inspiration and that power to do the first step, which is always the most important in the whole process but it is also the most difficult one?

I understand you pretty well.:)

This is how it looked like in my life before…

I wanted to travel so much, work abroad but I didn’t know how to do it.

I wanted to see monkeys, whales and kangaroos in the wild but the only time I saw them was on tv or in the zoo.

I wanted to make friends with people of all origins and cultures, but they were not here.

I wanted to see the world, but I was afraid. Those new and distant places were scary but also attractive.

I wanted to live on the other side of the globe, where I’ve never lived before.

I wanted to have my small bungalow on an island, where I could live like a Robinson.

I wanted to wake up every day and drink the fresh coconut water and to get banana from my garden.

I wanted to help where it´s needed.

I wanted to work in a different place where I could get different experience I could never get here at home.

I wanted to live by my rules.

I wanted to have a job that will also be my hobby.

I wanted to be able to do crazy things.

I wanted to live free life without any unnecessary chains holding me down.

I wanted to live through my mission and use my time to a full extent.

I wanted to enjoy every single day of my life and go to sleep with a notion that day was worth it.


Even if you see yourself in just one sentence or in the whole paragraph, you are in the right place. The place where we know that limits only exist in our own heads, and that is completely okay to follow what we want. Regardless what it is. And more important – that each of our dreams can go true.


Are you afraid that you just can’t do it?

If yes, then ask yourself: “What is stopping me to this?”

The most common internal answer will be fear of not being good enough. Is this a true limit for us not to be able to do stuff?? Or this nonsense is just in our head and we can break it or pursue steps to turn all of this other way around? I think the answer is clear.


You say to yourself: “I´ll do it when…”

When, when, we are just wasting words and time. What if “when” will never come and the best moment is now?!


You are scared, what others will say?

The bottom line for your happy life is that in order to be happy on the outside we need to be happy inside and be in a complete harmony with everything we do. It is important to follow what we need not what everybody else needs.

I know it´s hard. Life has taught me that you need to listen to yourself, not do and follow what others want.


Are you afraid of your loss?

Here try to remember the saying: “Nothing ventured, nothing gained.”


It doesn’t work.

One of the dance masters in the Czech Republic always says: “There is no “doesn’t work” in my dictionary. I could just sign that.


I am different. What will others think?

We need to be little nuts to succeed. That just speaks for it all.


I just can’t go on…

That’s okay. Everybody sometimes needs a little power boost, get those batteries going again.

Sometimes even if you try to force it down, your throat just doesn’t go and that’s okay.

That won´t help your mind and your body.

Take a break if you need it. And enjoy it.


I’m afraid of the unknown.

Number of non-swimmers learnt to swim when thrown into the water.

Don’t fly low.

Get your courage and go for it.

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